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Eternal wisdom with a refreshing approach. Inspiration for the soul. Understanding the needs of today’s generation. Staying connected to our roots, while creating a meaningful bridge to the future. It is with these goals in mind, that we opened LA’s newest Torah center- Makor HaChaim.

In only two short years, our growth, success and the impact we have been making on the community has exceeded all expectations. With classes throughout the week, special events, our ever growing Youth Program, women’s lecture series, Father and Son Learning and the beauty of our Holiday and weekly Shabbos experience, Makor HaChaim has already established itself as a valued and dedicated contributor to the development of the community and the enhancement of the Jewish People.

With a link to the past, our feet grounded in the present, and our eyes focused on the future, Makor HaChaim is offering a beautiful and unique approach to exploring our heritage and legacy. This down to earth style is already transforming a generation that is searching for a spiritual connection to Judaism, into a vibrant, growing and confident Jewish People, whose own actions and decisions will help to guide us in the path of our promising future.

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